Week 5 – It’s a Rollover!

Week 5. October 16th Treasure Chest Toonie Draw 50/50 weekly lottery fundraiser saw it’s first Rollover. Number 608 was drawn but it was not played. This means the $1121 prize for October 16th will be added to the prize for October 23rd! The October 23rd prize is an estimated $2000+.

Congratulations to Jenn Rowsell who is the winner of our beautiful Halloween sign donated by Signs by Bonita!

A reminder for folks to get your toonie into the Treasure Chest by Monday each week in order to be in for the Wednesday draw. Also, we provide other opportunities to win! Check out our pinned post on our Facebook page each week to see if there is Facebook contest prize!

You can watch our draw videos live every Wednesday at 9 a.m. NL time! Click here to watch this week’s draw video —! Week #5 live draw video.

Good luck with the treasure hunting and thank you for supporting our fundraiser:)