Week # 7 – Another Rollover!

Our wonderful pirate Mark Bennett is out and about looking for our lost shipmates (click his name to see his latest video)! When you register, your number goes into our drum – not your toonie with the sticker on it that you placed in our treasure chest. This means we can still draw your number even if you didn’t pay your toonie that week and that’s when we have a Rollover like we did this week-Week 7.Β  Registration #1048 was drawn today and would have won $4141 if they played their toonie! Because they didn’t, this amount will now be added to next week’s amount! Next week’s prize is estimated at 6000+. Don’t let that be you! If you have registered and only played your toonie that one time, we encourage you to continue to play each week. Remember Monday is the cutoff for the draw on Wednesday! Get your toonies in πŸ™‚

Sonya Michelle Blanchard was the winner of our prize today of the icecream cake from Fox’s General Store.Β  If you want to get in on our weekly small prize draws check out our pinned post on our page to Enter!

You can watch our draw videos live every Wednesday at 9 a.m. NL time! Click here to watch this week’s draw video —! Week #7 live draw video.

Good luck with the treasure hunting and thank you for supporting our fundraiser:)

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