Week 10 – Bada Boom Bada Bing it’s a winner!

Week 10. November 20th Treasure Chest Toonie Draw 50/50 weekly lottery fundraiser. Congratulations to our latest winner who played toonie Registration #2862 this week and takes home $4325! Congratulations to Trina White of Deer Lake, this week’s #BIG winner. Trina was able to win because her toonie was in!

We have given away over $13,000 so far folks and we are only 10 weeks in! Could you be our next winner? Want your name on the big cheque? You could be our next winner! Click here to watch the draw video!

If you have a registered number remember you can’t win if you do not play! If you don’t have a toonie number, you can find out where to register and play here at this link ——> https://treasurechesttooniedraw.nlllc.ca/where-to-play/

Let’s make next week’s jackpot a BIG ONE! The cuttoff is Monday Nov. 25th for the next draw on Nov. 27th draw! Also, please check out the pinned post/weekly draw video on our Facebook page to enter to win our weekly small prize draw! This week we have a $30 gift certificate for Nola’s Trendsetters! The Facebook page of Nola’s Trendsetters found here at this link ——>https://www.facebook.com/NolasTrendsetters/


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