Week 17 is a rollover

Week 17. Jan 8th Treasure Chest Toonie Draw 50/50 weekly lottery fundraiser. #1909 was drawn TODAY and it was not played so folks we have a Rollover! This week’s $2131 will be added to next week’s draw! We anticipate an estimated $4000+ Jackpot on Jan. 15th! That’s another wonderful big prize heading into 2020!

Our small prize this week is a framed painting by J. Pat Goulding, valued at $250! Pat is a well-known Corner Brook artist who loves to paint pictures from the past, especially historic sites and buildings like schools and churches. This awesome donation is a beautiful framed painting by J.Pat Goulding. When Pat Goulding was a child, drawing was her true passion and she became intrigued by anything to do with art. ‘My love of art began when I started school, art being my favorite subject, however, back then there wasn’t much emphasis put on art,” she says. “But I just loved to draw! Painting wasn’t a part of my childhood but once I started, I never stopped.”

Give yourself a chance at winning some loot! If you haven’t already, register a number at one of our 12 Treasure Chest locations. It’s simple to play! Just put your number on a yellow sticker, place it on a toonie, and drop it into the treasure chest. Toonies must be in the chests no later than Mondays at closing. On Wednesday of each week, we hold the draw liveon our Facebook page. You can play as many numbers as you like and after each draw, the numbers go back into the drum. Prepay with $10, $20, and $50 bills to keep up to date. Have fun, keep playing, and share away!