Week 18 AND Another rollover – estimated $6500+ Jackpot next week

Week 18. Jan 15th Treasure Chest Toonie Draw 50/50 weekly lottery fundraiser. We anticipate an estimated $6500+ Jackpot on Jan. 22nd! #2856 was drawn TODAY and it was not played so folks we have a Rollover! This week’s $4482 will be added to next week’s draw!

Winner! Winner! Winner!

This week’s small prize is pretty neat. If you want a chance to win go to our week 18 live draw video on Facebook! Our prize this week is a $25 Walmart gift card, AND an amazing piece of artwork by Sonya Quinlan from Pasadena, which is valued at $45.

Congratulations to Lori Ann Pittman who is the winner of the $50 prepaid Visa which was up for grabs as the small prize draw for week 15!

Congratulations to Deb Bee who is the winner of the Walmart gift card which was the small prize for week 16!





Just a few tips for those who play. If you have any questions please email, call or message us on Facebook. We are happy to help!

Remember to play by the cutoff which is Mondays. All the pirates are out collecting all the bounty on Tuesday, come highwater or not! And we do the Draw on Wednesday.

Make sure you print clearly on the yellow stickers cause most of us buccaneers have a patch over one eye! ?

Prepay  for each number with $10, $20 or $50 and be in it for a long-haul! 

Ahoy, all pirates who are not yet playing, turn that ship around and head into one of our 12 Treasure Chest Toonie Draw locations. You gotta be IN it to WIN it! All hands-on deck for a chance at winning the treasure, having fun and helping your community! 137 new pirates signed up this week making our weekly jackpots grow more. Get all yer maties in on this 50/50 lottery. Aye, keep checking our page for updates as we sail along!