Week 24 – We’re rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Week 24. Feb 26th Treasure Chest Toonie Draw 50/50 weekly lottery fundraiser. Welcome to the 80 new landlubbers who have joined the crew! Shiver me timbers and batten down the hatches! Number 4066 was seized from the barrel this morning and it was NOT Played. All ye lads and lasses know that means next week’s jackpot is gonna be a whole lot of bounty for some lucky scallywag because the Jackpot is a Rollover! Next week we are estimating well over $5000! Now that’s an awesome treasure that would surely put a spring into your step even if the season seems so far away!

Congratulations to Alicia Park who is the winner of week 23 small prize draw. Alicia wins a beautiful Newfoundland painting by artist Denise Hynes of Crimson Art Studios as well as a Free paint night! Thank you Denise for the awesome support you have given for our fundraiser!
This week we have a beautiful painting donated by artist Pat Golding and a $10 McDonald’s gift card compliments of the fine folks at McDonalds. Our weekly prizes are an extra chance at some treasure. Gift cards, amazing art, crafts, snacks, surprises, and so much more! Tell all yer friends to get in on the winnings!

1. Go to our Treasure Chest Toonie Draw Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TCToonieDraw/
2. Locate and watch the current Weekly Live Draw Video (indicated by the word live)
3. The live draw video will have a blue pushpin symbol next to it showing it is the first video pinned to the top of the page
4. Follow the instructions in the text that is above the video – usually we ask your to share the video and tag someone in the comments

Remember you can join this fun lottery and play like a pirate at any time and with as many numbers are you wish to play! Arrgghh! It’s easy, just sail into one of our Treasure Chest locations and register your number. All it takes is a toonie a week per number for a chance at thousands of dollars and so many extra prizes. Your number stays in for the life of the lottery. Remember to play on time! If you’re lily-livered like me and scared of forgetting, you can always prepay with a $10, $20 or $50 bill.