Week 26 – Get out and get your toonies in! It’s a rollover!

Week 26, Mar 11th Treasure Chest Toonie Draw 50/50 weekly lottery fundraiser. #1347 was drawn TODAY and it was NOT PLAYED! The Jackpot rolls over and our March 18th jackpot could be well over $5500!? That’s an awful lot of loot for some lucky landlubber!

***Contest Alert*** Aye Aye! We have another awesome prize to giveaway! Just share our Week 26 live draw video, like it, and comment by tagging a few maties who might want to win too! Today we have a $10 McDonald’s gift card AND an amazing piece of artwork by Sonya Quinlan in Pasadena, which is valued at $50. You see Mickey Mouse but if you look closely, he’s made of words and history. It’s a process called Micrography. Check out Sonya’s facebook page and give her a like https://www.facebook.com/thrusonyaseyes/

Congratulations to Alicia Park who is the winner of Week 23 small prize draw. Alicia wins a beautiful Newfoundland painting by artist Denise Hynes of Crimson Art Studios as well as a Free paint night! ?


We are sending out congratulations to Melanie Peddle Young who is the Week 24 winner of the beautiful Pat Golding painting of the former Tourist Chalet as well as a $10 McDonald’s gift card!

Tell all yer maties about this awesome fundraiser to support literacy and family programs. We also support community groups! I popped over to the Pepsi Centre to bring a cheque to the Royals Atom B hockey crew at practice this past weekend! They applied to get a share of our loot to raise funds to travel to provincials! If you are a community group, sports team or non profit you can apply too! Here’s the link https://treasurechesttooniedraw.nlllc.ca/community-groups/

On behalf of Family Outreach Resource Center and Newfoundland and Labrador Laubach Literacy Council, we would like to sincerely say thank you for your support of this fundraiser! Your contribution, and the contributions of others like you, go a long way to supporting our missions. Fundraisers like this rely on word of mouth and sharing our posts to help us promote the fundraiser and get our Jackpot to grow continuously each week and you guys are outstanding! Thanks everyone for playing! May fair winds blow wherever you go and yer ship remain sturdy me hearty, Yo Ho!

P.S. Any seadogs not yet playing, grab the helm and head into any one of our 12 Treasure Chest Toonie Draw locations. It’s only two bucks a week for chances at so much treasure and lovely loot. You gotta be IN it to WIN it! Remember toonies must be in the chests no later than Mondays at closing of our treasure chest locations. On Wednesday of each week, we hold the draw live here on our Facebook page.

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  1. Hi Ruth
    We do not put the toonies in the drum to be drawn from. When toonies come in we peel the stickers off and put those stickers on the data sheet that has that number-the stickers cover the numbers. When someone registered a number, that number is written on a wooden token which is placed in the drum. It remains there for every draw. When we pull a token from the drum we then look to the sheets to see if a sticker is covering the number. If there is it was played. If there is no sticker it was not.
    I hope that helps answer your question.

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