Week 28 – We are all set to start again for a July 1st Draw

Shiver me timbers and gather ’round maties! We have some words to part!

Hoist the mainsail and get ready for an adventure! Our Treasure Chest Toonie Draw 50/50 weekly lottery fundraiser has received the ok to set sail! Yo Ho Ho! We are so excited to be back on the high seas!

Our first draw will be JULY 1st and we will be adding our suspended ROLLOVER jackpot amount of $5438 to our first pot! We are anticipating an $8000+ Jackpot! Some lucky pirate will be able to sail around the Island and take in a whole lot of ground with that kind of loot available for a staycation!!!

Just a few things to take note of:

• We will be taking this week to make sure we can still keep our boxes at the same locations.
• If you have forgotten your number or want to know how many weeks remain for your number, please send us a message to our Facebook messenger only – do not post your question here as we may miss it. We expect quite a few requests so please allow us a few days to respond to yours. All prepays have been moved ahead and if your toonies made it to the box after March 18th for the March 25th draw they are still in the boxes at the store and will be in the draw for July 1.

• As per the lottery rules, we are required to carry out a drum cleanout to remove numbers that are discontinued, no longer eligible due to the owner being deceased, or have 6 months of inactivity and no longer eligible to win!
• If you are not sure of the rules check them out here https://treasurechesttooniedraw.nlllc.ca/rules/
• If you are new to the fundraiser check out how to play https://treasurechesttooniedraw.nlllc.ca/how-to-play/ and where to play https://treasurechesttooniedraw.nlllc.ca/where-to-play/

Please keep safety in mind and be sure to follow all of the treasure chest box store location’s COVID-19 protocols. We urge you to bring your own toonies and pens to write your numbers on the stickers.

In the words of our Chief Medical Officer – Hang tight, stay the course and stay safe everyone!

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