Week 28 – Back from Covid-19 with a big winner!

Week 28, July 1st Treasure Chest Toonie Draw 50/50 weekly lottery fundraiser.

Happy Canada Day folks! Yo Ho Ho! Number 1454 was picked from the barrell this morning and it was played! A lucky lucky pirate has won $7621! Arrggh! It’s a wonderful bounty sailing into the weekend! We are expecting another $2500+ next week. Get yer toonies in by Monday!

***Contest Alert***All hands hoay! Ye still got a chance to win a prize from the Treasure Chest! Just share this week 43 draw video and tag a few pirates in the comments! It’s so simple for any buccaneer to win! We have a $10 Gift Card for Indigo – Coles/Chapters bookstore and $10 Gift Card for Macdonald’s plus a wonderful swag bag from Western Regional Waste Management!

Congratulations to Lori Foster who is the winner of the share our post contest to help us get the word out that we are restarting the draws. Lori please send us a message so we can arrange for your to get your prize.