Week 29 – We are on a winning streak!

Week 29, July 8th Treasure Chest Toonie Draw 50/50 weekly lottery fundraiser. Watch the draw here!

Congratulations to our latest winner, Susan Lawrence who played toonie Registration #561 this week and takes home $2158?! Susan was excited to hear that she won! I can think of a few things she can spend her chunk of treasure on! What would you do with the loot if you won?

***Contest Alert*** Folks we need to get our Jackpot growing!. This week’s small prize draw is meant to help increase our registrations with your help! We have two $50 Prepaid Visas up for grabs. To enter to win we want you to like and share this video and comment with a tag of ONE friend and invite them to register a number! If you win and your tagged friend has registered a number they will also win a $50 Visa. You can enter as often as you wish with a seperate comment for each person you invite to play!

If you aren’t playing yet, sign up today to win some bounty! Go to any one of our 12 Treasure Chest Toonie Draw locations. You can find the list here : https://treasurechesttooniedraw.nlllc.ca/where-to-play/
Write your number on the yellow sticker, stick it to yer toonie and heave it into the treasure chest. Cast off and good luck! 

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