Week 30 – Another win!

Week 30, July 15th Treasure Chest Toonie Draw 50/50 weekly lottery fundraiser.  Yo ho ho and off we go! Congratulations Jonathan Park on winning $2068 for playing your registered #4717! Jonathan was a little surprised but quite happy to be receiving a phone call to let him know he won the treasure!. He prepays for the draw @trudys_coffee in Pasadena. He was joined by his daughter Kinsley to pick up his cheque and he plans to use his winnings towards her braces.

Ahoy, we also had 39 new buccaneers came onboard and we have a mighty fine crew! Any seadogs not yet playing, grab the helm and head into any one of our 12 Treasure Chest Toonie Draw locations-just two bucks a week for chances at so much treasure and lovely loot. You gotta be IN it to WIN it! We estimate another $2000+ Jackpot next week!!
***Contest Alert*** Aye Aye! Another awesome small prize to giveaway- $50 prepaid Visa! Just share this video, like it, and comment by tagging a few m
aties who might want to win too!

Give yerself a chance at winning some loot! If you haven’t already, register a number at one of our 12 Treasure Chest locations. It’s simple to play! Just put your number on a yellow sticker, place it on a toonie, and drop it into the treasure chest. Toonies must be in the chests no later than Mondays at closing. On Wednesday of each week, we hold the draw live here on our Facebook page.

Congratulations to Pamela Moore who is the winner of week 28 small prize draw. Pamela wins a $10 gift card for Indigo and a $10 gift card for McDonald’s as well as a swag bag from Western Regional Waste Management.

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