Week 37 – We have a winner and a new licence for next year!

A big congratulations to our latest winner Juanita Reid who plays at Marc’s Confectionery on Elizabeth Street! Because it’s the last draw for this licence and we can’t carry over any Jackpot to the new licence period, we had to draw until we had a winner.On Week 37, Sept. 2nd, the first number drawn was #5177 and it was NOT PLAYED so we had to draw again. The second number drawn was #1871 , her lucky Number! She turned her toonie into $2147.00! That’s a nice trade for a toonie!
She sees a tripΒ in her future πŸ™‚Β 

***Contest Alert*** The small prize for week 37 is a $50 grocery store gift card! To enter for this prize, just share the week 37 draw video, like it, and comment by tagging a few maties who might want to win too! It’s those shares and tags that help us grow our Jackpot!

As per our lottery licence, we are required to clean out the drum every 6 months. We have cleaned out the drum of numbers that are no longer eligible to win due to cancellation at the request of the owner and those of deceased players or have not been played for a 6 month consecutive period. The next cleanout will be March 2021.

STAY TUNED!!! Our next draw is Sept. 9th. We are super excited! Our licence was renewed for next year! We are also adding some new locations soon!

You will keep the same number! Unless there are special circumstances the cutoff to play is always Mondays, collection is always Tuesdays and the draw will always be on Wednesdays.

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Congratulations to Alice Hickey who wins the Week 36 small prize draw. She wins a $25 gift certificate compliments of Mr. Wilson’s Convenience which is good for anything in the store!

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