Frequently Asked Questions


Asked Questions

If you’ve forgotten your Treasure Chest Toonie Draw number, please email or call 709-634-2316, Monday to Friday.

The deadline to play your number is Monday at time of closing for each individual participating location.

No, you can only play your number once per week. If you want to increase your odds of winning, register additional numbers. For more information, please click on How to Play.

Boxes are picked up at store opening every Tuesday morning.

The draw takes place every Wednesday morning before 11am, and is streamed live on our Facebook page.

Players must play before location closing on Monday evenings – Toonies played after that time may not be in the current week’s draw.

No, the draw is made from just the registered numbers, including those that were registered during the week up until the pick-up time.

The number is yours until you cancel it. If you wish to withdraw your number, inform the Treasure Chest Toonie Draw by email at

Yes, but you must first complete additional Registration Forms for each new number.

No. As the draw is from the registered numbers, it is better to play more than one number, not the same number multiple times.

Not necessarily. If a registered number is drawn and that number was not played that week, the prize rolls over to the next week. On the final draw of each lottery license year only (Sept 2nd, 2020) there will be no roll over and numbers will be drawn until a winner is found.

If you already have a registered number you can play ahead at the treasure chest locations by placing a sticker with your number on it on the FOLLOWING BILLS ONLY – $10 for 5 weeks, $20 for 10 weeks or $50 for 25 weeks.

The winner will be contacted by phone and/or email as soon as possible after the draw.

Winners will be listed on the Treasure Chest Toonie Draw website, on Facebook, and on the treasure box at participating locations.

Treasure Chest Toonie Draw reserves the right to publish the name, winning number, and photo of the winner. By registering, you agree to have your name, photograph, ticket number and Jackpot Prize published should your number be drawn. If there is no winner for the week, the number drawn and ‘roll-over’ winnings will still be published.

Treasure Chest Toonie Draw will contact the winner and arrange a meeting time and place where they will be presented with a cheque. Winners will have ninety (90) days from the date of the draw to claim their prize. Prizes not collected within 90 days will be added to the first jackpot following the 90 day period. Every reasonable effort will be made to contact the TREASURE CHEST Prize Winner.

No, you can play at any one of our Participating Retailer locations.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.