How to Play

Treasure Chest

Toonie Draw

1. New players must visit one of our participating retailers and complete a Registration ballot. Your ballot will include your lottery number. You may register as many numbers as you wish and those numbers are the ones you will play each week.

2. Tear off your portion of the ballot and place the registration portion of the ballot in the Treasure Chest Lottery box. Your number has now been registered and you can begin playing.

3. To play bring your toonie to a participating retailer, very clearly write your number on a sticker from the side of the Treasure Chest Lottery box, underline your number and attach it to your toonie. Once the numbered sticker is attached, drop it in the Treasure Chest Lottery box and you are entered for the week. (Please note: in order to win you must have played your toonie in the week your number is drawn). Repeat weekly to be entered into each weekly draw.

4. The cut-off time each week will be the Monday evening closing time of our participating retailers. There will be no exceptions. Draws from the registered numbers will be made every Wednesday before 11am. The winner will be notified by telephone that morning. The winner will also be announced at participating locations, on our website and on Facebook.

5. Winners have 90 days after the draw date to claim their prize. Should a winner not claim their prize in 90 days the prize will be added to the pot for the draw directly following the 90 days.

The draw’s value is 50% of the toonies collected in a one week period. If the winning number has not been played the total is carried over to the next draw.