1. BYOT: Bring your own toonie(s)!

Make sure you have your toonie(s) ready when you go to play instead of asking for change.

2. No Toonie? No Problem!

Simply make a small purchase and help to support our fantastic locally owned participating businesses.

3. Don’t forget your number.

Remember your number doesn’t change, so don’t forget it. Feel free to take one of our stickers, write down your number and stick it to a card or item that you always have with you.

4. Once a week per number please.

Numbers go into the draw, not the toonies, so please play each number only once per week. Want more chances to win? No problem, simply register more numbers and play more toonies.

5. Please print clearly.

Print your number carefully. If you don’t think it’s clear, throw the sticker away and use a new one.